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Proud to give back!

Our Mission

To provide scholarships to Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD graduates and assist them with their higher education expenses.

To provide teacher grants that will promote student achievement and excellence through the funding of innovative and creative educational programs and activities.

Ensure the perpetuity of the Foundation by observing prudent fiscal policies.

Build community awareness of the PSJA Education Foundation.

Secure financial contributions from local businesses, individuals and corporations through a variety of methods and activities.

Promote a collaborative effort between corporate, community and education interests.

Scholarship Awards


Fernanda Salazar cover.png

Fernanda Salazar

Fernanda Salazar.png
Marissa Segovia Garza cover.png

Marissa Segovia

Marissa Segovia Garza.png
Allie Marez cover2.png

Allie Marez

Allie Marez.png
Daishley Garcia cover.png

Daishley Garcia

Daishley Garcia 2.png

2023 PSJA Education Foundation Scholarship Ceremonies Highlights

Learn more about our Scholarship Eligibility here!

Scholarship application evaluation/scoring process. Q/A

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